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Research of metrological characteristics of measuring instruments
Certificate (until 2010 Certificate) type approval of measuring instruments (Metrology Certificate)
This document certifies that the type of the SR approved for compliance with the metrological and technical characteristics specified in the description of the type (obligatory annex to the type approval certificate), and means of measurement made in the State Register of SI.
In the Russian Federation to provide unity in the sphere of state regulation of measuring instruments are special control methods, which are based on compliance with the Federal Law № 102-FZ of June 26, 2008 "On ensuring the unity of measurements" and implemented the relevant supervisory authority by the Federal Agency for Metrology and Technical regulation (Rosstandart).
Rosstandart shall decide on the approval of the type of SI and make it to the state SI register on the basis of positive test results for type approval conducted by an accredited test for this type of testing center (ITs).
How to obtain a certificate of approval of SI?
- Conduct tests for type approval;
- If the results of positive tests to pass the examination documents in the state registry;
- Eliminate gosreesta comments;
- In the absence of comments, get expert opinion and cover letter in Rosstandart;
- Send documentation set, along with a cover letter in Rosstandart;
- Wait for the order of approval of the SI and SI introduction in the state register;
- Pay a state fee for the issuance of a type approval certificate;
- Wait until the certificate is signed by and pick it up from Rosstandart.