Our command

Alexander Schetinin

In metrology more than 6 years.

In the past, he built aircraft (OKB named after AS Yakovlev), launched missiles (FSUE NPO Mashinostroenia), stored the state primary standard (FSUE VNIIMS).

In the present, he directs, manages, signs.

Maxim Kazakov

In metrology more than 8 years.

In the past, calibrated, verified, tested, stored another state primary standard (FSUE VNIIMS). Has a successful high voltage history.

In the present, he directs the tests and continues his high-voltage history.

Daria Burtseva
vice CEO
In metrology more than 8 years.
  In the past, it certified airplanes (Sukhoi Design Bureau), produced NK instruments (OOO EZIT), approved types of MI (FSUE VNIIMS). Pictures
In the present, there will be a systematic approach to any measuring systems.
Ekaterina Ustinova
lead engineer
In metrology more than 3 years.
In the past, designed fighters (Sukhoi Design Bureau), approved and recognized types of MI (FSUE VNIIMS).
In the present-girl 4 ... 20 mA (PTC, CPI, controllers, measuring modules and converters)
Pavel Kazakov
In the past, it provided power supply for high-voltage laboratories, where it picked up metrology (FGUP VNIIMS).
In the present, a human transformer. Makes a lot, quickly and silently.
Julia Minaeva
Metrologist for vocation and education, thoroughbred metrologist with a red diploma of MSTU. Bauman.
A representative of the younger generation of competent metrologists.